Friday, September 14, 2012

Tip: Kindle eBook updates

Unlike a paper book, when a Kindle book has any edits to it and is republished, you have the opportunity to get these updates on the copy of the Kindle book that you already own.

Sometimes I get emails from Amazon when a book has an update, but usually not. I am not sure if the publisher initiates those emails or Amazon. Either way, that leaves a gap in communication, so now your page has an area for you to view updates.

Why might a book be updated? In many cases it due to a formatting problem or the author has had the book re-edited or removed any typos.

Why aren't the automatically applied to my Kindle? 
Because if you have made notes or highlights and not backed up your Kindle, you'd lose your work. And many customers want the choice.

How to find out if a book has been updated?

Go to your page
and wait for your library to stop loading.
Click the first drop down, wait to load then select
Available for Update

A list of your books that have updates available will be shown. 

Beside the book is a link: "Update available."
Click it then click "Update this title now"

 You will now get one of 2 different pop ups.

One will tell you if you have notes or highlights on your book,
go and back up so they are not lost.

The alternative dialog box that might pop up states that you will lose any notes or highlights for this book. I am not sure why some books will allow back up and some will not. I will try to find out and update.

However, in this case, it is up to you if you want to continue. If you have not read the book, or if you made no notes/ highlights, go ahead with the update.

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  1. Just completed all my updates. Thank you so much for the information,