Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kindle tip... using archives and cloud

On kindles, you have an archive or cloud (same thing, different names). This is a list of books that are in your amazon library - you can see the list from your kindle but they are not actually ON your kindle; they take up no space at all.

  • Access: All kindles on the same account see the same archives. Some kindles allow you to password protect the archives so other users cannot view it. See your kindle menu settings to set passwords. Access archives through menu on e-inks, and book > cloud tab on the Fire.
  • Move books from kindle to archives: Remove from device takes books out of the kindle into archives. Touch screens: tap & hold > remove. Other kindles: 5-way left then select delete.
  • Delete from archives: Delete books completely from archives at Find the book, actions, delete. The book will be gone forever from your library.
  • Sorting: Organize by title or author. On Keyboard, type the first letter of the author name then enter to get to that section
  • Retrieve book from archives: Turn on wireless, go to archives, click the book for it to start downloading

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