Thursday, November 15, 2012

TIP: Gifting Kindle books - Great holiday and Christmas gifts!

Great tip to send Kindle books as gifts, or share this tip with a friend so they can gift a kindle book to you! :)

If you know someone with a love of books, even with no Kindle, you can send them the gift of a Kindle book! All they need is an email address to send the gift link and they can read on a free kindle app.

Look for someone's book wishlist at or share yours :)

Search for books and click Give as a Gift

How to gift: Find a book and from the book page on Amazon, beneath the BUY button is a GIFT button. Click "Give as a Gift", and you will be taken to a gifting page. Enter the recipients email address, a message and a date for the gift to be sent.

Note that you can send it to any email address; you don't need to know their amazon account address. The receiver will get an email message in their inbox, letting them know they have a gift. They follow a link and then log into their Amazon account to send the book to their Kindle.
Very easy, the whole process takes seconds for the giver and the receiver.

Happy shopping!

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