Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TIP: Using Kindle apps, getting free books without having a Credit Card

If you have a kindle or free kindle app but no credit card, you might be finding it difficult to get even free Kindle books, free apps or getting the kindle apps on your phone. Or you might have gifted a Kindle to a child and don't want them to have access to spend with your credit card!

There are some easy work-arounds that mean you don't need a credit card on file - you can use the free apps, get the free books and more, without risking entering your regular credit card:

1) Add a prepaid credit card to the account. You can buy them with cash at supermarkets or your bank. Add it to your Amazon account and there's no risk of cc fraud or anything like that.

2) Gift cards on your account will permit you to download books from Amazon. To get one without a credit card:

- Enter one of our regular contests to win one (!);

- have someone gift you digital gift card. You can do this with as little as 15 cents. Once you have that, you can get the freebies.

- You can get Amazon Gift cards from coinstar. If you have one nearby, turn in the pennies from under the sofa cushions and convert into amazon GC. To find out about that see the coinstar.com website. Most waive their fees if you get the amazon card.

- Points/ reward schemes - my bank gives points for every transaction I make. I trade those points in for Amazon gift cards once a year. Other websites, such as My Points (http://bit.ly/Earn-My-Points) where you get points for printing coupons, buying online, searching the web.

Don't have a Kindle? Read the books on a Kindle app (free), http://amzn.to/KindleAppsFree or view the entire family here http://amzn.to/KindleFamily

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