Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kindle Tip: Simultaneous device usage

This line "Simultaneous device usage" sometimes appears in product details of a kindle book. What does this mean?

Well, when you order a kindle book to your account, it may be downloaded to any kindle or kindle app that is registered to that account.

Typically, the Simultaneous Device Usage is 6, meaning 6 devices on your account can contain the book at the same time. As one person finishes and deletes the book from their device, a 7th can download it and so on.

With unlimited usage, it means every device or app on your account could have the book downloaded, no matter how many there are. So if 100 devices are registered to your account, they could all have the book downloaded to them.


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  1. How do you know which devices are have access to your book or not? I am having a problem where when trying to open a book on my tablet it says that there are too many using the book and I can't open it. I did have it on my phone and my tablet but now it won't let me open it on my tablet. It tells me to deregister the book from a device before I can download it onto my tablet but doesn't tell me how to deregister it.

  2. Great question, Julie.

    Go to your Amazon account at the book library ( and select the book. There is a box with 3 little dots on the left side, click that, select Manage Family Library, and you can choose to remove it from some.

    Hope that helps.

  3. You can also go to the Devices page, - select the menu for the device then "View Content"