Saturday, March 2, 2013

Changes to book postings
This mostly affects readers of the facebook page over this blog.
Starting March 1 Amazon is requiring associates like me (who post primarily free books) to change the way we post. They require our ratio of downloaded free to paid ebooks to be 80/20, instead of 95/5.

Some pages are responding by changing to paid or sale books only.
I am going to try to keep the same level of 4 star freebies... but ask this: When you plan to buy a book anyway, if you do it by following a link to amazon from this page or our facebook page, it will help level the ratio. That way, I won't have to reduce the number of freebies I promote, because the paid downloads will go up.
I'll give that a try for a couple of weeks, and reassess to see if it helps meet their requirement. THANKS!!

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