Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kindle tip - Text to Speech

For Kindles with text to speech...

Text to speech is not enabled for all books; it's publishers' choice and you can find out if it's enabled in the product description of the book page on amazon. Where it is enabled, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle Touch and Kindle DX can read the book to you.

To begin it, you would turn on TTS through the menu of the book or on the Keyboard, click Aa button. That starts TTS at the top of the page you are on.

On Kindle Keyboard, you can begin TTS from a particular paragraph or word. Go to the word, click SHIFT SYM at the same time (Shift is the UP arrow). After a pause, TTS will begin. The space bar can be used to pause and restart. 

Enabling TTS for the Kindle Touch is easy. At the page you want to start, tap the top of the page and then tap "Menu" At the bottom of the Menu is "Turn on Text to Speech." Assuming it's enabled, tap it and listen. When you want to turn it off, tap the "Off button at the bottom of the page.

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