Thursday, August 29, 2013

Amazon Prime Kindle Library

There are now more than 400,000 kindle books in the Amazon Prime library, with more added each month.
The chance for an August loan is almost over so don't forget to grab yours if you are eligible!

What is the Prime Library?

The Prime library is a limited selection of books, available for Amazon Prime account holders, readable on a Kindle device (not an app). Prime members may borrow one book per calendar month.
This is a bonus for people who already have Prime accounts or who may get additional usage from the program.

What is a Prime account?

A prime account has an annual subscription fee ($79 or reduced price for students) that gives members a better deal on shipping - free shipping or low cost 2-day shipping on eligible orders. Since the launch of Kindle Fire, Amazon extended the account benefits to include discounted or free movie/ TV streaming and downloads. It also added the book library.
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But but but....I want more!

Due to the lending limit of one Kindle book per month, and being available to device owners only, it is not without controversy from people who want limitless lending on their kindle or on their app on their iPad. However, Amazon still pays the participating authors and Amazon is neither a public library nor charity, so I don't believe this wish will ever be granted.

The Prime library was only ever intended to be a bonus for Prime account Kindle owners. Not a substitute for actually buying content. The kindles themselves have dropped so low in price since launch (I paid $400 for my first kindle, you can now get one for $69) that Amazon really is in the business of making money from the content rather than the device itself. A free limitless library - where they still have to pay the authors & they still invest in R&D for new Kindles - just wouldn't make it in a business model.

If you want to know more about the library, Prime accounts or Kindles, see one of the links.

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