Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Autorip your music

If, like me, you have a stack of old CDs and you wish you had time to put them on your Kindle Fire, then Amazon might have a quicker way. If you purchased a CD from them in the past, it might be eligible for the free MP3 version under the new AutoRip program. That means the MP3 version could already be in the Cloud Player waiting to be downloaded to your Kindle Fire (or a Kindle Touch/ Keyboard with speaker).

If you browse CDs you may see the logo alongside them - that means it's an eligible CD, as long as your ordered from Amazon not a 3rd party seller.

There are terms and conditions of course - they are also bound by legal limitations as well as their own.

Get more details here (link) and find out if you have any free MP3s waiting to be played!

Learn More about Autorip

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