Monday, October 14, 2013

Tip: Navigating older Kindles

Kindle Tip for e-inks, including originals with keyboards:

Go back to beginning of book: menu, go to, beginning or table of contents.

Note, 'beginning' might not be the very start of the book. It is where the publisher set at the beginning: it could be the title page, the copyright page, chapter 1. I usually go back further in case there is a prologue.

Sometimes Table of contents option is grayed out.  That usually means there is no Table of Contents, but it might be near the beginning. Click Beginning then try to do a 'previous page'.

You can also jump or skip to next chapters if the book has been set up right. When you look at the progress bar, if you see little dots on it, they are chapters positions. Instead of clicking next page, click the 5way right to jump to the next chapter. 5 way left to go back a chapter. Then click "Back" to go back to where you were in the book.

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