Saturday, July 26, 2014

Old kindles - what to do with them?

What do you do with your old Kindles? Give them to friends, sell them, throw them away, recycle them?  Amazon gives you some options.

Trade in

Amazon has a trade in program and will pay you for your old device. Each device and generation has an upper limit of price and what you get will depend on the condition of it.

Device service fee exchange

This is something I have done a few times with broken kindles. Since Amazon doesn't repair kindles, they offer a service fee exchange for broken kindles when you order a new one. In other words, buy a new one for a discounted price in exchange for the old one.
You send in the old one, Amazon fixes it and sells it as a refurbished piece at a lower price. You get a new or refurb kindle at a lower-than-retail cost.
Example - my old K2 died outside of the 2 year warranty and I got a very low cost refurb replacement with a 3 month warranty. Another one, I broke & I sent it in a received a brand new Paperwhite at a discounted price with a full warranty.

To get this offer, you must contact customer services directly.

Send your old Kindle to Amazon for recycling. This is especially usefully if you have local laws regulating the disposal of batteries. Vew details on recycling

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