Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kindle Fire Tip: Keyboard shortcuts

On the Kindle Fire, there are little shortcuts to various symbols, punctuation, fractions and other alphabets (letters with accents etc)

To access the keyboard, tap on your screen anywhere that allows typing, such as a comment box or search bar. If you are reading this on the Kindle Fire at the blog page, then you can use the comment box below.

To get special letters or symbols (with accents or other alphabets) or additional punctuation, tap and hold a letter and options pop up. Slide along to the option you want then release.
For punctuation you use the period (.) button.  Practice and see! 


  1. I cherish my Kindle Fire and I used to love my old Kindle Keyboard before I sat on it.I would have purchased a Kindle White page (is that what its called) yet found it doesn't have speakers so no Text-to-Voice option.Why not?It is stupid as that is potentially the best things of about an ignite: you can get it to do the perusing for you!Thank God the Kindle Fire still has this.I wouldn't be without it.~Bonnie Jenkins.

    1. I totally agree, I loved using TTS when I was into a great book. They said research told them most people with e-inks didn't use it. They didn't ask me!

  2. That said, I DO love my Paperwhite!