Monday, January 12, 2015

Kindle Tip: cloud collections

Collections are getting easier to use and easier to transfer between kindles. If you are new to kindle, you wouldn't believe some of the tricks we had for importing our collections!

Now though...

Kindle collections from one Kindle are automatically imported to new kindles, but not shown by default. (With the first gen Paperwhite they were visible, but with multiple users on an account that was a disaster! Thank you amazon team for changing that!)

The actual "how to do this" will differ on all kindles, but for many of the newer e-ink Kindles this is how:

Tap "My Items" at the top of the Home page to open the view menu, tap Collections to manage your imported Collections.

Tap & hold the collection you want to see, then tap "Show in all Views". Once you've added stars to all of the Collections you want, tap the view menu and change it back to My Items.

Tap the menu on the far right to sort by Collection to have collections shown first on your home page. New books that are not yet in a collection will be shown at the end.

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