Monday, March 9, 2015

TIP: Free Kindle books or Read for Free with Unlimited: What's the difference?

Free ebooks versus "Read for free with unlimited"

A reader was confused by Amazon's change in terminology on the order buttons on book pages.On an amazon book page, there are several buttons for purchasing.

1) Buy Now with 1-Click
This button is always available, whether the book is free or paid. If the book is free (Kindle price $0.00) then you can click Buy Now and you will not be charged.

2) Give as a Gift
This button is only available when the book is not free. It allows you to gift the ebook to anyone you know, as long as you have an email address for that person. If a book is free, this button disappears.

3) Read for free (with Kindle Unlimited)
This is relatively new and appears when a book is part of the Kindle Unlimited program. This program costs $9.99 per month and you can select an unlimited number of books from that program to read for as long as you like & are paying for the program.

The confusion about the terms on the buttons appears when a book is available as a free offer.  See above.This book is free and it is also part of the Kindle Unlimited program, so the buttons show:
Buy Now, or Read for Free.

An unknowing buyer might see that it's priced $0.00 and automatically click Read for Free, and find themselves on the Kindle Unlimited page and perhaps thinking they need to sign up in order to get this freebie. So which do you pick?

Buy Now button: You would pay $0.00 and keep the book as long as you have your kindle account.
Read for Free button: You would have access to the book for as long as you pay your Unlimited subscription.

Even if I will only read a book once, if it's free I'll take it for no cost with the Buy Now button. I am not a member of Unlimited but if I were, I would reserve that for books that I would otherwise have to pay for.

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