Friday, October 23, 2015

October Author - Part 2 Diane Chamberlain

October Author of the Month -- interview and post by our UK-page contributor, Susan Lobhan. 


2nd part of Diane Chamberlain's Q&A session. Thank so much to Diane for taking part.

Diane's US book page
Diane's UK book page
Diane's Canada book page

9. What are you reading right now?

I’m now reading I AM PILGRIM by Terry Hayes (US/UK). It’s not my usual fare, but I’m engrossed.

10. Which do you prefer kindle or paper books?

I prefer e books these days because I don’t keep my significant other awake when I read in bed, plus I can take a lot of books with me when I travel.

11. What is your opinion of self publishing? Do you think it is a good/bad thing for the future of publishing?

I think it’s great that writers and readers have options. I have self published 6 of my early books that went out of print and I LOVE that my 2015 writers now get to read and enjoy those older stories. The one problem I see with self publishing books that were not originally published by a traditional publisher is lack of editing. If I were self publishing a new book, I would definitely hire a good editor to give me feedback about my story as well as to look for grammatical and punctuation errors. Editors are critical to the creation of a good book.

12. For someone who has not read your books before, how would you describe your writing style?

I always say that my books are part mystery, part suspense and 100% family drama. However, I like the way one of my Japanese readers summed up my books long ago. She wrote to me, “You make me believe that life is beautiful even if it is full of pain and rage.” I love that.

13. Which was your favourite book to write?

Oh, so many of them! I loved writing Necessary Lies because I found the historical aspect so interesting. It’s inspired by the forced sterilization program in North Carolina where I live, so I really loved the challenge of bringing that story to life through my characters without clobbering my readers over the head with the history.

14. Where is the best place for readers to find out more about you?

My website  and Facebook page My readers and I have a lot of fun on Facebook. They help me name characters, get to know my dogs, and have chances to win some of my books.

15. Surprise us with something we don't know about you?

I am wildly phobic of wide open spaces and have been my entire life. Shudder! If anyone has a cure, send it my way please.

16. and very importantly..... which do you prefer tea or coffee?

Coffee, definitely. With apologies to my UK readers,  I’ve never understood the allure of tea!

Diane's US book page
Diane's UK book page
Diane's Canada book page

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