Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tip: Kindle Fire's blue shade

Author: Danielle F

Tablets get a bad rap for their bright screens when reading at night.  Not surprising really--they can cause sleeplessness, headaches and eye strain from the backlit screen. One way round that has been to lower the brightness setting at night, or read with one of the off-white backgrounds.

Research shows that the blue light spectrum is a major culprit, so newer Kindle Fires have a "blue shade" that filters out the blue light known to cause these problems.

To use: Pull down the settings menu, tap blue shade, and select the "turn off at sunrise" feature so the screen is back to regular settings during the day.

I've tried this with the new Kindle Fire HD 8. I've been reading with a Paperwhite for a couple of years, so I was skeptical about this. Initially, the shaded screen was a little off-putting, but within half an hour I was used to it and have been enjoying nighttime reading with the Fire.

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