Saturday, February 20, 2016

Book Review: Accidental Saints (Christian)

Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People
Christian, Non fiction

Nadia Bolz-Weber is not your typical pastor. She is a recovering alcoholic, heavily tattooed and uses language my mother wouldn't want to hear. But like most of us, she wrestles and struggles and strives and yearns.

Nadia shares some really interesting and beautiful insights, some fodder for exploring for sure, and I added a few pages of notes to my journal as I read through this one.  Though some of the Catholic-style rituals of her Lutheran church are not my norm,  some of them sounded wonderful and deeply connecting to the Spirit of God, and made me examine and question some of my preconceptions. 

Nadia certainly isn't afraid, or rather she is very brave, to share some of the darker sides of herself, which allows us to see them in ourselves. I loved her love of Jesus and her frank admission of both running to Him and from Him at the same time. She shares tales of great success, and tales of it just falling apart. And isn't that what many of us battle? Trying to over achieve to earn something we are seeking, all the while hoping no one sees our struggle, and not accepting that God loves us in spite of all that. Nadia keeps it real, while maintaining and sharing her own faith and the very real face of Jesus in others.

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