Saturday, March 5, 2016

Book review: A Sasha McCandless Novel (8 Book Series)

A Sasha McCandless Novel (8 Book Series)

Guest Review by Tom W.

Eight Solid 5 Star Novels That Will Keep You Turning Pages

I have had the good fortune to have read all of the Sasha McCandless seriessome I purchased, some I was given eARCs and I have posted honest reviews of all her books. Irreparable Harm starts with Sasha being considered for partnership in a prestigious law firm. She is given a case where a plane belonging to one of the firm's clients crashes. It isn't long before what appeared at first glance to be an easy case blossoms into a real thriller. Someone is controlling the planes via a cell phone. Sasha uses all her legal knowledge and the help of her boyfriend, Leo Connelly, to bring this case to a conclusion. I was hooked on Melissa Miller as an author from about the middle of the second chapter.

The other seven volumes in this set follow somewhat similar paths. Ms Miller picks a somewhat vague legal premise and weaves a believable tale around it. Sasha leaves the big law firm and strikes out on her own. Various characters appear in different books, she gets a partner from her previous firm, she gets married, and some characters, like Aroostine Higgins, disappear, only to show up in another series of legal thrillers. Each new book picks up from the previous and goes off in an unpredictable direction which is thoroughly enjoyable and somewhat unexpected.

I gave all these books a solid 5 STAR rating and I am eagerly awaiting the latest Sasha novel along with the newest Aroostine Higgins novel. Well done Melissa Miller and thank you for some wonderful stories.

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