Thursday, March 11, 2010

Read an Ebook week 2010: Cooking

$3 Meals: Feed Your Family Delicious, Healthy Meals for Less than the Cost of a Gallon of Milk$3 Meals: Feed Your Family Delicious, Healthy Meals for Less than the Cost of a Gallon of Milk
by Ellen Brown

As I've said a few times in the past year, I'm not much of a cook. Indeed, as I write this, my husband is cooking dinner for the family (thanks, hon!).  However, once in a while I get into a cooking mood and I've been known to spend my weekends trying to use up the 6 dozen eggs piled up from the chicken coop, or I'll have weeks determined to cook super healthy foods to lower cholesterol.

$3 Meals is a recipe book for the Kindle that is my kind of cooking (when I'm not being lazy, that is). Nutritious and cost efficient, the recipes are easy to follow - but the book also comes with some fantastic tips on sensible shopping and eating, as well as simple menu planning for the week.

What it's not: This is not going to teach you how to feed your whole family of 6 for $3. I doubt you can do that with packs of Ramen noodles and some hot dogs. This is good healthy food made from fresh ingredients for $3 per serving.

My favorite tip so far, that I've followed twice and saved myself back the cost of the book: instead of throwing away scraps, keep large ziplock bags in the freezer. In one, save all veg scraps (carrot peelings & tops, the ends off onions, the scrappy bits of broccoli), and use each of the others for scraps of beef, pork and chicken. As one of the meat bags become full, use that and the vegetable scraps to make a stock! Excellent idea and makes the most delicious stock with items that would have ended in the garbage bin!

Distant Cousin: a novel
One more for cooking.... I have to mention again, Al Past's Distant Cousin, whose great heroine, Darcy, brings her exotic extra terrestrial tastes to earth & has inspired me more than once to start experimenting. For Read an Ebook week this is half price at Smashwords

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  1. Thank you for the kind words! You've got me thinking about the Thai variation on coconut shrimp mentioned in DC4, Regeneration. That's fairly elaborate, but I may have to elaborate it. ;)

  2. Sounds good!
    I'm still intent on making one of Matt's meals, from either DC3 or 4? I'll have to do a read through and find it again. All that southwestern food sounds so good!