Monday, June 21, 2010

WOW! Massive Kindle price drop!

Kindle 6" just dropped from $259 to just $189!  That's an amazing new price, and even lower than the $199 that consumers were calling for!

By the way, if you ordered yours in the last 30 days at the higher price, Amazon usually refund the price difference if you ask. That seems only natural given they have a 30 day money back guarantee, so if they didn't refund, you could send it back for a full refund then buy a new cheaper one.

This comes on the tail of B&N's Nook price drop today to $199 with Wi-Fi, and of course following the recent launch of the iPad.

p.s. To those moaning that they paid $259 a few months ago, seriously.... quit it! Some of us paid $359 last year and we didn't mind. I saved for it and felt it was worth it. I love it. Ask me now if I'd wait 'til June 2010 to get it half the price and I'd say "Heck no!"  I am not living my life always waiting for the sales to start! I do that with almost everything else, but with the Kindle, I just had to have it & I have enjoyed every moment with it.

With this new low price though - comparable to a Nintendo DSi or an iPod Touch - this opens up the Kindle to so many more people and to a whole new younger audience! It's been on my daughters list for a year and now I might just let her have one for her birthday!

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