Friday, January 28, 2011

Quick Tip: ePub conversion!

Kindle gets a bad rap for not being able to handle ePubs (yet) but you can easily convert ePubs into a kindle ready format!

Check out - a site where you can download books straight to your Kindle or register and use it to convert your epubs to Kindle format.  From the website:

There are four ways you can have a converted ebook delivered:
  • To the RetroRead online library, where you may download it to your desktop or directly to your Kindle
  • To your personal email address, where you may transfer it to your Kindle or read with your desktop client
  • Directly to your wireless Kindle, where it will appear as soon as it has been converted. Amazon transfer charges will apply.
  • Directly to your wi-fi Kindle address, where is will appear as soon as it has been converted (Free)

I haven't tested this yet but from what I read, it's pretty simple to do.  If you have any experience with it, let us know!

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