Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kindle: Wikipedia Look-up

If you've had a Kindle for a while, you've probably discovered and used the great dictionary look up feature. If you haven't, open up your Kindle and give it a try.

For the dictionary, use your 5-way to scroll to a word in a book (not words like "the" or "of". They won't work). When you've reached a word, look at the bottom of screen to see a definition. If you need to expand that definition, click the More arrow to be taken to the dictionary.  (At any time, you can click BACK to return to your page.)

Now.... reaching Wiki...

From where you are in the dictionary, check the bottom of the screen again. Now you'll see your word and on the right it's says "Search dictionary."

Use the 5-way to that Search and keep clicking right... you'll have the choice to change dictionary to "my items", Google and Wikipedia. Scroll to one of them and click.


  1. That's way cool. I love these Kindle tips; send them to all my Kindle buddies.
    Thanks, Danielle!

  2. That's a great feature, isn't it? Sometimes I've been totally sidetracked from a book I've been reading as I go off and investigate something new :)