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Originally written in 2009, this post is an update to include the more recent kindles!

Kindle Keyboard: alt + shift +G

Paperwhite: touch the upper-right corner and the lower-left corner of the screen at precisely the same time and hold until the screen flashes (fast)

Kindle basic: Press and hold the Keyboard button then press the Menu button. About 5 seconds later the screen will briefly flash as the screen is captured

Kindle Touch
: Hold the home button for 3 seconds or longer, then tap anywhere on the Kindle Touch’s screen, then release the home button.

Kindle Fire HD: Power + Volume Down

Accessing the screenshot:

Fire HD has a copy that is visible. To find your screen shot go to home page & swipe over to the photo tab. Tap & under device tab there is a folder labeled screen shot.

For other kindles, you will need to get out your USB cord.

  • Connect your Kindle to your computer via USB. On your pc, click Start then My Computer. A new drive will appear called Kindle. Click it open & click to the documents folder.
  • In your documents folder, you'll find copies of all your books. You will be looking for files ending with .gif or .png
To find them more easily, you could view by thumbnail (right click, view by, select thumbnail). You'll see some blank thumbnails for the books & mini images of your screenshots.

You can now copy those to your My Documents folder or Desktop, save them in a file or print them out. (note that unless a book is public domain, you will not be allowed to use these for anything other than personal use).

Sample screenshot

  • When you're done, you need to disconnect your Kindle. The easiest way is to go back to My Computer, right click the Kindle drive and click Eject or Remove. Then you can unplug the USB.
USES:  Sometimes people like to capture favorite book passages, maps, or recipes. I use it for tutorials, of course!

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