Thursday, February 14, 2013

8 Free Kindle books - Feb 14

All kindle books are free at the time of writing. When you follow the link, check it's still free. All have a minimum average customer review rating of 4 stars.

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Dashing Dolphin - Indoor Explorer Picture Book (Certified Silly) ~ by: Michael Wills

Title: Dashing Dolphin - Indoor Explorer Picture Book (Certified Silly)
Author: Michael Wills (Gseb Marketing Inc.)
Genre: Children's eBooks
Rating: 4.8 stars (21)
Price: FREE
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Did You Know . . .
•A dolphin uses echolocation to find fish to eat?
•That dolphins can hold their breath for seven minutes?
•A dolphin makes a great stand up comedian?!

For Your Family
Written by a family for your family,Dashing Dolphin by Michael Wills (with a helping hand from his two young daughters) gives a fantastic insight into the minds, lives and imaginations of these fascinating creatures: from feeding to playing.

Redeeming Grace: Thriller & Suspense, Political Mystery (Suspense Thriller, Political Espionage) ~ by: Ward Tanneberg

Title: Redeeming Grace: Thriller & Suspense, Political Mystery (Suspense Thriller, Political Espionage)
Author: Ward Tanneberg (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Rating: 4.2 stars (64)
Price: FREE
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Seven years ago, Grace Grafton died in a boating accident while partying on the Georgia, South Carolina coast. Was her death the result of alcohol and drugs or something more sinister? Nobody knows: her body was never recovered. Now years later, a woman reads in disbelief the note addressed to her: Hello Grace, did you think we wouldn t find you?

Those nine chilling words end Grafton s self-imposed sanctuary of witness protection. Now she and everyone she loves are in grave danger. Long believed dead, she has a secret that can change the world. She knows the man running for president is guilty of a double murder! But who will believe her?

Out on a Limb: A Smoky Mountain Mystery ~ by: Carolyn Jourdan

Title: Out on a Limb: A Smoky Mountain Mystery
Author: Carolyn Jourdan (Queenager)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Rating: 5.0 stars (11)
Price: FREE
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Jourdan's previous books are #1 bestsellers. This is her first work of fiction. Reviewers describe this cozy, scientific, medical mystery as "No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency of the Great Smoky Mountains", "CSI Meets Animal Planet", and "An Appalachian Michael Crichton."

In "Out on a Limb" Phoebe McFarland has just moved back to her hometown of White Oak, Tennessee, a sleepy rural community nestled in the mist-shrouded ridges and isolated hollows of the Smoky Mountains.

Now she...

The Sisters Montclair ~ by: Cathy Holton

Title: The Sisters Montclair
Author: Cathy Holton (Branwell Books)
Genre: Comic Fiction
Rating: 4.3 stars (20)
Price: FREE
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A tale of family secrets and sisterly bonds set against the unlikely friendship of two remarkable women: Stella Nightingale, a twenty-one-year-old runaway from a broken home, and Alice Montclair Whittington, a ninety-four-year-old Southern grande dame with a dry sense of humor, a wicked tongue, and an illustrious but mysterious past.

The last thing twenty-one-year-old Stella Nightingale wants is a job as a caregiver for wealthy Alice Montclair Whittington. Alice, a ninety-four-year-old..

Stormy Weather: A Novel ~ by: Dermot Davis

Title: Stormy Weather: A Novel
Author: Dermot Davis (Expression Unleashed Publishing)
Genre: Literary Fiction
Rating: 4.0 stars (21)
Price: FREE
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Robert Munro, a therapist specializing in dream interpretation, awoke one morning to find himself in a dream from which he could not awaken. Experiencing first hand the limitations of his own training and theories, he must solve the puzzle of his own dream in order to break free from its bondage. In the process, he'll better understand himself, other people, and the nature of consciousness itself.

Elly's Ghost ~ by: John R Kess

Title: Elly's Ghost
Author: John R Kess
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Rating: 4.9 stars (12)
Price: FREE
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Jay Tessier returns home from Afghanistan yearning for the solitude of his beloved Montana forests. Suddenly, he finds himself on the run when he disrupts the attempted kidnapping of pop star Elly Wittenbel. Jay's survival and combat skills as a Force Recon Marine, or "Ghost," are tested as Elly and Jay flee through the vast wilderness while the FBI investigates her disappearance. The two must learn to trust each other despite their completely different backgrounds. Jay and Elly's relationship grows as he deals with the effects of war and losing his best friend, and she strives to overcome a drug addiction and to regain control of her chaotic life.

A Man Overboard ~ by: Shawn Hopkins

Title: A Man Overboard
Author: Shawn Hopkins
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Rating: 4.4 stars (16)
Price: FREE
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When Jack's mother-in-law sends him and Stacey on a two-week cruise, they're determined to make the most of it, to forget about the cancer and its cold grip on their future.

Planning to revisit the earlier days of their marriage, and the unbridled romance that defined it, they'll lose themselves in paradise while building the resolve needed to endure the coming hell.

At least that was his plan...

Instead, he'll be cast into an ocean of deceit and dark conspiracy that will throw into doubt all that he holds dear in this world, putting to the test just how much a man's love can truly endure.  Content rating: some mild language

The Homecoming ~ by: Kevin McPherson

Title: The Homecoming
Author: Kevin McPherson (Kevin McPherson)
Genre: Drama
Rating: 4.9 stars (12)
Price: FREE
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It has been said that "War is hell on the homefront too". This reality is known all too well by Chloe Bowen and her young son, Lyndon. Left to fend for themselves, this woman, dedicated to her husband and God, and her rapidly maturing son learn to survive. Lessons they learn side-by-side will prove invaluable when the man they thought they knew, and loved, returns from war. Get to know the Bowen family. Once you start reading, you won't be able to stop until you've read the last page.

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