Wednesday, February 13, 2013

8 Free Kindle Books - Wednesday Feb 13

All kindle books are free at the time of writing. When you follow the link, check it's still free. All have a minimum average customer review rating of 4 stars.

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Or Something Like That ~ by: Bud Smith

Title: Or Something Like That
Author: Bud Smith
Genre: Humor
Rating: 4.9 stars (14)
Price: FREE
Links: View on
A collection of off-kilter short stories. A stalker comes into your house while you are sleeping and does your dishes and your taxes because he loves you. A teenage D&D enthusiast searches for his lost broadsword and some people to roll 20 sided dice with. Little kids make Molotov cocktails out of beer bottles in retaliation for getting shot in the ass with a salt gun. One aggravated dog and a belligerently drunken ghost wage war over the living room couch. A man goes up against his...View more details

A Wild Goose Chase Christmas: Quilts of Love Series ~ by: Jennifer AlLee

Title: A Wild Goose Chase Christmas: Quilts of Love Series
Author: Jennifer AlLee (Abingdon Press)
Genre: Religious Fiction
Rating: 4.8 stars (12)
Price: FREE
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Upon her grandmother's death, Izzy Fontaine finds herself in possession of a Wild Goose Chase pattern quilt that supposedly leads to a great treasure.

Of course, once the rest of the family finds out about the "treasure map," they're determined to have a go at the treasure themselves. And, if that weren't enough, Max Logan, a local museum curator, contacts Izzy and says that Grandma Isabella promised him the quilt.

What is it about this quilt that makes everyone want it? Is Izzy...View more details

Tangled to Death ~ by: J.M. Griffin

Title: Tangled to Death
Author: J.M. Griffin (J.M. Griffin)
Genre: Humor
Rating: 4.5 stars (11)
Price: FREE
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Danger lurks at every turn for Katie Greer.

Having escaped death in the past, Katie Greer has taken residence in a New Hampshire town where life appears idyllic, but is far from it. Teaching tangled doodling classes in her art studio allows Katie to reach out to people who require a semblance of peace and tranquility in their lives. If only she could maintain those two things for herself, Katie would be completely happy.

After finding the dead body of the town’s infamous,...View more details

The Road Home ~ by: Pamela Klopfenstein

Title: The Road Home
Author: Pamela Klopfenstein (JMK BOOKS)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 5.0 stars (3)
Price: FREE
Links: View on
“The Road Home” has all the makings of a memorable and heartwarming story, especially for mothers who have lost children or who have prodigal children.”
Ann Tatlock

This baby just might be the miracle they need.

At the center of The Road Home is Sarah Kiser—a nurse, a loving mother, and a woman who wonders if her family will ever find stable ground. When Children Services calls, asking her to foster a baby she worries how her family will...View more details

Where The Sun Don't Shine ~ by: Alex Metcalf

Title: Where The Sun Don't Shine
Author: Alex Metcalf (Restless Ego)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Rating: 4.2 stars (33)
Price: FREE
Links: View on
A missing girl.
A lost father.
Murder. Mayhem. Tattoos.
Just another day in Venice Beach.

Where The Sun Don't Shine is the story of Marley, a once successful Hollywood player who's tumbled so far down the ladder of success that he’s got almost nothing left. Just a one room apartment on Venice Beach and a fragile relationship with his 16 year old daughter.

Marley’s at the end of his rope when he gets a phone call from an old producing partner who wants to...View more details

S'wanee: A Paranoid Thriller ~ by: Don Winston

Title: S'wanee: A Paranoid Thriller
Author: Don Winston (Tigerfish)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Rating: 4.7 stars (14)
Price: FREE
Links: View on
A spellbinding campus. A new family of friends. A semester of death.

High school senior Cody's prayers are answered when he's recruited on scholarship to the college of his dreams: a stunning and prestigious school tucked high in the Tennessee hills.

But the dream turns living nightmare when his classmates start to die off mysteriously. Is it Cody's imagination, or are his friends' tragic deaths a sinister legacy handed down through the generations? And is he next on the roll...View more details

Mad About You (boxed set of beloved romances) ~ by: Stephanie Bond

Title: Mad About You (boxed set of beloved romances)
Stephanie Bond
Rating: Books average 4+ stars
Links: View on
A boxed set of three beloved romances to make you love...laugh...and sigh.

This boxed set contains the following full-length books by Stephanie Bond:

LICENSE TO THRILL (a romantic mystery) She's between a rock and a hard body....

ALMOST A FAMILY (a heartwarming romance) Fate gave them a second chance at love...

THREE WISHES (a romantic comedy) Be careful what you wish for..

250 Laugh-Out-Loud Clean Jokes for Kids ~ by: Michelle Zimmerman

Title: 250 Laugh-Out-Loud Clean Jokes for Kids
Author: Michelle Zimmerman (Kurt Zimmerman)
Genre: Humor
Rating: 4.9 stars (11)
Price: FREE
Links: View on
What do sea monsters eat? Fish and ships!

This is the ultimate collection of the very best jokes and riddles!
Your child will have hours of fun and laughter reading and sharing these jokes, and joke books are a great way to get kids reading!
250 Laugh-Out-Loud Clean Jokes for Kids will amuse and entertain kids of all ages!

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