Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tip #5: Listening to music on Kindle

Like to listen to music while you read? You can read on your Kindle & listen to music without getting out any other device. The music player on Kindle 2 is still classed as experimental, and so this tip may change in the future. It also means that Amazon does not provide customer support for this feature.

Downloading music

  • To download MP3 music to Kindle, plug your Kindle into your computer using the Kindle USB cable

  • Go to My Computer > Kindle
    This will show 3 folders: Documents, Music, Audible

  • Copy & Paste (or drag) your music files into the Music folder

  • Eject Kindle from computer & remove cable
To listen to Music

There are 2 ways to listen to music on your Kindle.

1. Click Menu > Experimental > Music, or

2. Play: ALT+Spacebar
Pause/Stop: ALT+Spacebar
Skip track: ALT+F

Music is played in the order they appear in your music folder. To rearrange that, hook up your USB to the computer & move them around in the Music folder.

As well as buying to your book on Amazon, you can also buy your MP3 Downloads

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