Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Maximum Ride series by James Patterson

The Angel Experiment, Book 1 of Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson, currently sits in Amazon's number one slot for Teen sci-fi & teen adventure categories. Offered as a Kindle freebie, The Angel Experiment seems to be giving the series another shot at pulling in new readers - both the teen & young adult markets, as well as adult Kindle readers.
Initially, I picked it up as a freebie. The Angel Experiment is a fun read - narrated by Max & telling the story of a group of young hybrid kids - half human, half bird - kidnapped shortly after birth, living their earliest years in cages in a lab, infused with avian DNA & undergoing a series of grueling operations and experiments that created these mutant children.

Max tells the story with humor & despite being a teen book, it was good enough for me to read on through. Then came my 9 year old daughter, 4th grade & an avid reader. During summer vacation, she read it on my Kindle & was soon begging to buy the whole series in paperback. Now it's a series we read together. It's fast, fun, full of adventure & the entire series gets lugged around in my daughter's school bag to read every chance she gets.

Not all freebies entice me to buy the whole series, & while I personally might not have plugged through them all, as my daughter's new favorite books, Maximum Ride Series couldn't get by with a thumbs up.

Maximum Ride series order:
1. Angel Experiment
2. School's Out Forever
3. Saving The World, and other extreme Sports
4. Final Warning
5. Max
6. Fang (release date: March 15, 2010)

plus Maximum Ride: The Manga, Vol. 1

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