Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some Kindle quick links

Kindle Tips & Tricks
 Easy links below, will be updated and edited as needed
 Daily Deal for Kindle - 100 Editor Picks, Under $3.99 - Top 100 Free and Paid - Top 100 Free and Paid in UK - Top 100 Books for Kids All Kindle Kids category - All Free books for Kindle - List of free books with 4 stars, not in public domain - all the free 4 star books on Kindle - List for non-fiction 4 stars - 99 cent books, 4 stars and

 General Links

 Some Apps for Kindle (USA only) - Games and Active Content

 BUY a Kindle & Kindle Accessories

 Specific books (some on sale) / & get an Audiobook trial - Latest bestselling new releases - top 100 books that are exclusive to Kindle - find out if you can borrow Kindle books from your local library

 New Kindles 

 Kindle Keyboards (what we called K3 are now Kindle Keyboards)
Kindle WiFi

Contacting Kindle Customer Service:
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Returns Policy & Warranty:

Returning Kindle Content (including ebooks) policy:


  1. Amazing, and useful! Thanks!

    I wonder if there's a link to suggest a Kindle Daily Deal?

  2. you're welcome!

    Do you mean the 'official' daily deal? That was my first link: