Monday, March 22, 2010

Kindle for tablet computers (including iPad)

Kindle have announced an app for new tablet computers (including iPad) and some of the snapshot pages look pretty spiffy, if I do say so myself.

Will I rush out an buy an iPad, or any tablet computer? I can't see it myself. My laptop, cell phone, pc etc etc are all enough gadgets for me. I like to maintain some KISS in my life (Keep It Simple, Stupid) once in a while. Kicking back in my chair/ on the lawn/ in bed reading is all I want when the mood strikes me, not to be tempted by internet or work or... frankly anything else! I don't ask for my paperbacks to be anything but paperbacks, so I'm happy for my ereader to be just that.... a new and improved way to enjoy my favorite pastime. Kindle on Kindle is k-kool for me, but for those out there who want more than that, tablets are coming. And don't forget the Kindle app for pc, mac and blackberry! (Links at the top of the page.)

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