Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blood Sweat and Tea

Blood, Sweat, and Tea: Real-Life Adventures in an Inner-City AmbulanceMore Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea
Tom Reynolds, pen name of Brian Kellet, began his blog about the life of an Ambulance man several years ago. 2 books later, and he's still going strong!
 I picked up the second book, More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea as a Kindle freebie and found it an enjoyable book. Yes, it is a bit depressing at times, but due to unexpected reasons. I knew I'd be upset reading about the sick and dying, but I was also somewhat depressed by the abuse of the NHS. As a Brit living in USA, I miss the NHS a LOT, so hearing about the gross misuse and abuse of the LAS (London Ambulance Service) is horrible. On the upside, Reynolds has a great sense of humor and the short blog entries make it a bit like reading short magazine articles that you can pick up and read at any time without losing the plot.

The 1st book - Blood Sweat & Tea - came up number 2 for me, both in reading order (because it was 9.99 on Amazon) as well as contect - but also because of a little Amazon controversy. According to Reynolds' blog,  Random Acts of Reality, Amazon is not authorized to be selling the ebook, only the paperback DTB version (hence my link to the paperbacks).  He says, instead you can download the eBook for FREE at So, I did!  Happy for another freebie and to support the authors wish. However, I must say that this format had quite a few issues. The book itself was fine, but the formatting for Kindle was not good.

The main problem with the formatting of the .azw version was the lack of titling, entries/ chapters blending into one so it is hard to see where one ends and the next begins. This happens throughout the whole book, as well as a seeming lack of italics... Reynolds makes notes that were obviously added when editing the book years after the events told, but with no formatting that is sometimes missed. And finally... no images. Just some random <<>> blurb.

Shame really, because I enjoyed many of the stories and learned a bit too!

[It's very easy to get a book from Manybooks - select the download type (.azw for Kindle), download it to your pc and then upload to your Kindle via the USB provided.]

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