Friday, November 26, 2010

Did you get the $89 Kindle??

Wow, they sold fast! This morning, Amazon had a lightning deal on Kindle 2nd generation. I clicked "add the cart" the second they became available at 9am PST today.... and nada! All were swiped into checkouts, effectively leaving many of us on a wait list, and many waiting to get on the wait list. Within 25 minutes, the sold out message came up.

There are a load of angry people on the Kindle facebook pages. I don't know why they are angry... disappointed, yes. But angry??  Do they get mad when Target runs out of a product? Do they threaten to buy an inferior alternative just to get even?  To cancel all orders? Seems crazy to me. Especially when I think the $139 K3 wi-fi deal is pretty awesome!

So, back to my plan... I had planned to buy ME the Kindle 3G and give daughter my old k2  plus a gift card to buy ebooks. I decided instead that I am happy with my K2 and will buy her a brand new k3 wi-fi instead. In fact, I just did. She'll be on my account and so will have access to all my ebooks anyway.

So, did you get one at the bargain sale price? Did you wait in for hours to click?

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