Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Free from Manybooks: Veracity

Costing either $9.99 at Amazon or free at - I feel almost guilty for downloading the free version. Since I don't know this author, I'd have happily paid a few dollars for the book, but $9.99.... eerrrr, I am not so confident.

This is being offered free though, so I guess it's up for the taking.Sounds like my kind of book too... end of the world, post-apocalyptic, survival. If I like it, I might end up buying anyway. Because I like authors to get paid!

So far I have downloaded the free version and a sample from Amazon. The differences I noticed were, in my opinion, minor and were layout issues. Amazon version starts a new page per chapter and indents paragraphs. Free version has a line drawn between chapters and doesn't indent but does have a line space between paragraphs. That's all I noticed so far.

Some nice things about getting books from
- it's free. All of it!
- authors can self promote
- they offer many different formats for various ereaders, plus an .azw format for Kindle

You can download one of two ways 
  •   to your computer
    1. select the file type you want (azw for Kindle)
    2. click download, save as... and select somewhere on your computer, say the Desktop
    3. plug in your Kindle USB, then go to My Computer > Kindle
    4. copy and paste the book file from your Desktop to your Kindle.
    5. Eject Kindle (right click over the Kindle folder, select Eject)

    Note: save the copy on your computer as back up.
  • direct to your Kindle (if you are reading this blog on a Kindle, then just click the link in step 2!)
    1. Open your Kindle web browser (Menu > Experimental > Browser)
    2. Enter URL and search the book title you want, in this case Veracity
    3. Click the link to the item, then select type of file (Mobipocket/ Kindle)
    4. A pop up asks if you want to download. Select ok. 
    5. That's it. The book will download and appear on your Kindle.

      Note, there may be fees for this Kindle download option if you use 3G to download or are outside US (if you have web access).
      via Wi-Fi there is no delivery fee.
      via 3G while inside the United States, the fee is $ .15 per megabyte. (rounded up to next MB)
      When traveling outside the United States, a fee of $.99 per megabyte will apply.

    For this particular book, the file is less than 1 MB, so 15 cents within US if you use 3G; 99 cents if outside US. Bargain for a free book delivered into your hand in a few moments!!

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