Thursday, August 30, 2012

End of Month - don't forget!

It's the end of the month!

Amazon Prime Kindle Book Library

If you are a prime member of amazon, don't forget to check out your monthly library book before the end of the month! Lots more have been added this month, including the popular Trinity Game, War Brides, Modern Witch series, Angelfall & many more.

[What is Prime?
Prime is a type of paid-account for Amazon. It's optional and it's good if you either buy a lot from amazon (it gets you free 2 day shipping on many items), or if you stream movies/ TV. You can stream from amazon, movies and TV, anything with a prime logo streams for free through a Kindle Fire, laptop, roku box to your TV etc.
If you have other people at home who also have an amazon account, you can add them so they can share your prime also.
For the books, it's limited and just a bonus. Learn more:

Also check the Editor deals, 100 books on Sale from 99 cents to $3.99
August deals end on Friday!

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