Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday - Back to school, 25 deals & 7 freebies!

Who has plans for lots of reading this weekend? Or is it all back to school preparation? 
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Sample of the Daily Deals
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This afternoon's freebies are below!

Birdsongs (Benny James Mystery) 
Hard-boiled Mystery/ Police Procedurals

Birdsongs is a fast-paced mystery centered on former FBI agent, Benny James. Fired from the FBI for inadvertently sleeping with the perp in a murder case, he tries to disappear to a houseboat and retirement.

Not having what it takes to relax, Benny starts a service offering discreet investigations. That is until a body is found crucified near his marina. The local police department requests Benny’s help and he knows if he can catch the killer, redemption is his. The Chief gives Benny and the department ten days to solve the crimes before he promises to request the help of the FBI.

As the case grows, grabbing national attention, and the murders continue, the media soon fills the normally quiet town. Media goddess, Rachael Martin arrives and adds spice to an already flavorful mix.

A few newcomers straggle in as well. An ex-convict fresh out of prison from a thirty year murder rap slinks in unnoticed with revenge on his mind. Days later, a Greyhound bus delivers a strange young man raised by deaf-mute parents from deep within the Ozark Mountains. An old newspaper clipping and a dark secret pulls him to town.

Whatever is going on has something strange to do with birds. At each murder site, dead birds are displayed in disturbing ways—the killer arranging them as an artist might.

All the strange occurrences and unexplained visitors to this quiet town press Benny James to his max as he vehemently struggles to solve the most important case of his life.

The Ancient Realm
Children's book

Agnes Adelaide Fordyce, an ordinary eleven-year-old girl, finds her life plunged into adventure one cold fall evening when a mysterious new babysitter named Octavia comes to visit. Her life in Blue Rocks Harbour, Nova Scotia, once filled with tedious chores from her German Nanny and teasing from her older twin brothers, is changed forever when she is introduced to the Ancient Realm, a secret society of Guardians who protect the precious natural resources of planet Earth.

The first book in a new fantasy series by Sarah Leith Bahn, The Ancient Realm combines a look at the beauty of our planet with timely concerns about our global ecosystems. Above all, we are taken on a magical adventure, from the shores of Nova Scotia, to the heights of the Himalayas, to the islands of the Indian Ocean, where we learn about the mystery and power of the natural world around us. Through Octavia, Agnes also learns about herself, and how important it is for each of us to dream, to appreciate the world around us, to fight for what we care about . . . and to believe.

The Dark Lake (The Oshkosh Trilogy)

Jane still lives with her parents even though she's in her late 30s. She can't keep a job and she can't seem to get her life together and she keeps having this horrible nightmare about a drowning.

She goes to AA, she goes to therapy, she's looking for a job. Her therapist keeps trying to get her to look at something that happened in her past. Jane doesn't want to. She doesn't see the point of digging up the past.

But then they dragged her car from the bottom of the Lake ... that car went in the lake 20 years ago. That's when things really started to spiral out of control. She can't remember what happened that night. She must remember what happened the night of the party.

North of Hollywood 
Arts & Entertainment

Take a roller coaster ride through the life of a real Hollywood actor. Rick Lenz is an actor who has made it in New York and Hollywood. You have seen him countless times on TV and in the movies. He has been a popular leading man as well as a character actor, consistently avoiding repetition in the roles he chooses. Rick Lenz has played leads opposite some of entertainment's biggest names, and has had recurring or guest starring roles on many of your favorite TV shows.
Yet his book is more than just an ordinary Hollywood insider story. Lenz is a terrific writer with a wicked sense of humor. Also a gifted artist and widely produced playwright, Rick uses his extraordinary storytelling skills to take you into his personal experiences with actors and entertainers we normally only hear about through the rumor mills, and to reveal real-life experiences of heartbreak, suspense, discovery and joy.
His memoir is fascinating. He doesn't pull any punches. Along with plenty of showbiz anecdotes, he tells us about his marriages (especially his "final" one) and his journey from summer stock through New York, then to Hollywood. He offers us deep insights into an actor's life and living in general. Feeling the shock waves of his stormy family background, including the emotional tremors of nearly losing his daughter who struggled for years with drugs, Rick Lenz is a real life husband and dad - and the absorbing reality of that shines through his words.
North of Hollywood, like Rick Lenze, is fun, enlightening and authentic. If this weren't a true story it would make a mesmerizing fictional adventure. Bottom line: North of Hollywood is edgy, way out of the ordinary, and, as a bonus, funny as hell.

Timedrops (Atopia Chronicles) 

"So great, I wish I'd come up with it myself...the Atopia series is one of those that will stick with me for the rest of my life." - HUGH HOWEY - Author of the Wool series.

Time is not on Vince Indigo's side, but it should have been, since he practically invented it. Life had once been easy as one of the world's richest men, living on the luxurious island colony of Atopia, but lately the universe had found a rather nasty way to frustrate Vince's expectations. Something in his future had begun relentlessly hunting him down, and to live another day, Vince must figure out the ghost-in-the-machine that is trying to kill him, and why it is that his own creation has trapped him in a deadly spiral of death. His time is running out.

All of the Atopia stories are 'sidequels' that begin at the same moment, running side by side in time, so that you can start by reading any of them and then read the others in any order you choose to slowly reveal the mystery and terrifying danger that connects them all. Atopia is a near future world without borders that balances on the brink of post-humanism and eco-Armageddon.

Never Too Far 

A harrowing story of love and survival.

In a future of scarce resources, where the possession of gas and diesel is punishable by death, a teenage boy and a pregnant girl must save their impoverished family. They risk their lives on a terrifying journey to sell stolen fuel on the black market.

London Escape (The Halcyon Legacy) 
YA action adventure (ages 12+)

Secrets and lies: all will be revealed and nothing will ever be the same…

Kit Hawthorn has been waiting for this moment all of her seventeen years: The moment when she can finally break free from her ordinary and neatly ordered life. The moment when she can defy her overprotective father and change the way everyone sees her.

It was the message that started it. A jumbled, frantic text message sent in haste from her friend Jason. In the end it was clear, he was in trouble. Armed with only one small clue, Kit recklessly sets off for London in search of her missing friend and the jewels he is suspected of stealing.

What she finds in London is not what she expects, and the plot she uncovers will haunt her long after it is over. In a desperate chase against time and a dangerous enemy, Kit will use every resource she can to follow the trail of clues that will lead to Jason’s salvation. With only the help of a mysterious old man and her own intuition, she will follow the path that is laid out in front of her, to whatever end.

Countless secrets will be revealed, including the face of a long hidden enemy, and Kit will learn the stunning truth about those closest to her. In the end, she will discover her true self and realize that even ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things.

London Escape is a full-length, young adult, action adventure novel and is suitable for ages 12 and up! For more info on The Halcyon Legacy and the author, go to

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