Monday, September 8, 2014

Kindle Tip: Found a Kindle? How to find the owner

If you find a Kindle, Amazon will not/ cannot give out owner information. It causes a fair bit of complaint when the person who has lost their kindle finds out that Amazon won't help the finder but for privacy reasons, they simply won't.

So if you find a Kindle and call Amazon, their advice tends to be turn in to lost & found, give it to the police, or send to kindle recycling.

My advice is to first do a little detective work. There are various places you might be able to locate the details of owner.
  • Remove the case or cover. I have seen many kindles with a sticker on the back, giving the phone number/ address of the owner
  • Turn it on. Sometimes people put their name and phone number in the "device name" to appear at the top of the homepage. {learn how to do that with this old tip}
  • Check the menu settings, device information.  Several kindles have a section for personal info where people record name, number, email address etc. It is a little buried in the menus (why?!) but it is there.
  • Check the registration info. Many kindles state email address of the account holder in the Registration section within the menu settings. Kindles are registered to an amazon account by email address and this is listed in the Registration section.
    Note: Don't use the "Kindle's email address" that ends with - that won't work, you need the person's actual email address.


  1. I found a Kindle. The owner name was under Settings (gear icon). It was two levels down (click gear icon to access each level). The owner's name was there under MyAccount. With the name I did a white page search, got a phone number, and contacted the owner. Hurray!

  2. That's great! I bet the owner was very grateful!