Friday, July 24, 2009

Kindle Reader

I first heard about Amazon's Kindle back in March of this year. I read a lot & this seemed the most exciting thing ever! Back then, at $359 it seemed a tad pricey for a personal indulgence, but after a few days of marveling over the Amazon reviews, my husband asked "Well, why haven't you bought one yet?! You never buy yourself anything but books."

So I took the plunge, and a few days later I had my Kindle in my grubby little hands! And what a joy! Since then, I've read about 10 books a month - many of them in genres I'd never have picked, or by authors I'd never heard of before. Kindle reading has thrown open the world of books even wider & my only regret is having so little time to read more still!

Now the Kindle is down to a less-dizzying $299. Still a fair bit for a book reader, I know. But with the big advantages, if you're going to treat yourself, I say Go for it!

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