Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tip #18: Hands free Kindle reading

Want to sip wine with one hand, stroke the cat with another and still read your Kindle? Sitting comfy in bed with the duvet up to your chin and your Kindle propped on your lap, and want to read hands-free?

Well, it's easy with the Kindle! Ever tried the text to speech (TTS) option? You might use it a lot, or hate the thought of it, but you can turn it into a new use. Simply turn down the volume on your Kindle (volume buttons are on the right hand side/ edge), and turn on TTS for an instant auto-turn.

> Click the Aa button on your Kindle's keypad
> Select Text to speech and select a reading speed. I have mine set to fast, but you can experiment with it.

The pages will turn on their own as you read. To turn it off again, just click the Aa button again & move to the TTS controls.

Note: some publishers do not permit the Text to Speech option. If it's disabled, the TTS option will simply be grayed out.
Before buying an ebook on Kindle, you can find out if TTS is enabled or not (listed under the price and publishers on the Amazon page).

Some hands-free reading aids below:

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  1. Love this tip, thank you! How do you figure out all these great tips? I don't know what I would do without you?

  2. You're welcome! Well, I've had a Kindle for over 2 years... most tips come from people asking questions, and then figuring out how to do it!