Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tip: Kindle Fire Brightness settings

The Kindle Fire has a back-lit screen like all tablets, and the level of brightness can be adjusted. There are occasions when a high or low setting is a better choice.  

1) Low brightness is good when you are inside and especially when lighting is already low. In a dark room, a too bright back-lit screen can hurt your eyes & give headaches.
Low brightness also uses less battery power and prolongs the time period between charging.

2) High brightness makes the screen much easier to see if you are outdoors. I was frustrated that when reading outdoors, I'd see nothing but sky reflected on the screen. Turning brightness all the way up helps with this and makes the screen more readable [The new Kindle Fire HD has a new screen and has less reflective glare than the 1st generation Kindle Fire]


To change brightness settings: Tap the menu bar at the top, tap brightness, then slide the control left/ right. 

See the new Kindle Fire HD:
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